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12 Tips to Invigorate your Creativity

Do you have to stumble over discarded crap to get to your desk? Do you have to side-step the Step Master, skirt your pile of laundry and tip-toe through a maze of teetering books just to get to your laptop?

Here are my 12 Top Tips that will shape you up and settle you down to a year of inspired good fortune. That’s right: I’ve scoured the wisdom of the ancients, the mysteries of the East and the ungoogled frontiers of science to bring you focus, energy, relaxation and good luck

1. Qi

Make a clean path all the way from the front door to your desk. Let the qi (energy) flow! Remove obstacles. Many great novels have gone unwritten because the writer stopped to vacuum the hall.

2. Clear your desk

Clutter is low, stagnant energy that drains you. Pens, files and staplers belong in the drawer, not on the battlefield of creativity. Mugs with fascinating fungus-life go in the dishwasher. Choc wrappers go in the bin (don’t check inside the silver foil - do you really want to eat shards of mouldy confectionary?) Ahhh, a clear desk top. Doesn’t that feel better?

3. Get stones

Amplify your self-esteem and release the intangible ingredient associated with good fortune. Amber, carnelian, citrine, lapis lazuli or clear quartz crystal are particularly potent.

4. Feng Shui it up

Create a wealth vase to attract money. Fill a vase with those things that have personal wealth meaning to you: soil from a wealthy friend, coins, a small Buddha, jewellery, a winning lottery ticket. Then place the vase by your feet. Also install a money tree plant to attract prosperity, such as Pachira Aquatica and Crassula Ovata.

5. Plants

Plants don’t just bring wealth, they purify the air and remove toxins. They exude oxygen, making you think more clearly. I recommend Aveca Palm and Lady Palm, while the Bamboo Palm adds a peaceful tropical feeling, and a rubber plant can survive a room that is cool and dimly lit.

6. Ear Plugs

A MUST for concentration. You never again need to hang your head out of the window to give the evil eye to the workmen drilling up the road. Buy silicon and the world will go silent.

7. Create a winning vibe

Choose a lucky charm: a pendant, an old school badge, a stuffed armadillo – something you associate with success and happy days. When you wear the charm it releases psychologically the stored good feelings to top up your confidence and help you emit a winning vibe.

8. Hydrate

If you lack water, you will feel sluggish. Have one-litre bottles of natural spring water within reach. If it is winter and you have the central heating on full, you will want to hydrate your skin too, so install a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser.

9. Essential Oils

The aroma of orange oil is great for energy. You will feel more focused and dynamic.

10. Goldfish

All over the world goldfish are considered to be harbingers of wealth and success. In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece they domesticated goldfish to enhance good luck. It has also been scientifically proven that watching fish relaxes the brain.

11. Bananas

Sitting all day can pile on the pounds. To combat this tendency hang a bunch of bananas over your head. A study conducted at Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation showed that people who smelled bananas lost more weight than those who didn’t.

12. Ego system

Frame and hang up something that boosts your moral: an article you’ve written for "Knitting for Today", or a good review from a Book Blogger.


Choose just a few ideas ideas, not ALL of them, otherwise your room will look like a steamy Cambodian jungle. Now I’m off to buy a goldfish and a yukka. Good luck!


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