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Awards and Accolades



Chosen by 7 Book Bloggers in "Books of the Year"


My Tops Reads of 2018  –Me and My Books


Books of the Year  -Being Anne 


My Top 15 Books of the Year  -Dash Fan Reviews


Favorite Books of 2017  -Wall-to-Wall Books 


My Top Ten Books of 2017  -Book Dragon Girl 


My Favourite Books of 2017  -Ali the Dragon Slayer 

My Top Reads of 2017  -A Reader's Review



Chosen as "Must-Read Books"


Top 3 Must-Read Books  -Being Anne Book Blog


‘My 5-Star Reads of 2017’ –Chat about Books 


Editorial review:  ‘Masterpiece of Humor’ –Midwest Book Review


Editorial review:  ‘5/5 - I’d love to see more from this author’ –San Francisco Book Review


Winner:  The B.R.A.G. Gold medallion


Winner:  Chill with a Book Readers’ Choice Award




“Proof of her genius in writing fiction” –San Francisco Book Review

5 Best Summer Reads  -Lauren Sapala, Writing Coach

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