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The Double

"Excellent." -San Francisco Book Review


5*  "Wonderful.  It made me feel the same way I do when I watch Pretty Woman (a total favorite)." -Lauren Sapala, Book Reviewer and Writers' Coach.


5*  "Spectacular."  -Star Angels Reviews.


4.5/5*  "This is the first book of Alison Brodie's I have read and I can say with sheer certainty that it won't be the last because I absolutely loved it."

-Bookaholic Confessions.


5*  "Perfect."  -A Readers Review blog.


5*  "Left me wanting to read more." -David Carraturo, author of Cameron Nation


"Fantastic. So unique! Alison is a great writer." -Aimee, Hello Chick Lit


5* -United Indie Book Blog





                             A night she can’t remember.  A week she won’t forget.


Beth is mistaken for rock star, Sonita La Cruz, and ends up on a billionaire-dollar yacht.  As a shift-worker in Glasgow, Beth has only known hardship.  Now she's in a world of uniformed stewards, French cuisine and rows of gorgeous designer gowns.  She keeps quiet about the mix-up, determined to wear every outfit in her wardrobe before the owner appears and sends her home.  What's wrong with a little play-acting? She takes to the role of rock diva like a duck takes to water.


The captain arrives.  Aleksandr sees a raven-haired girl in a tiara and diamond-studded bikini lying on deck issuing orders through a megaphone.  Aleksandr soon realises what’s happened.  His smuggling pals, knowing he needs to speak urgently to Sonita la Cruz about a kid’s crisis, have grabbed this girl by mistake.  Aleksandr is desperate.  The rock star promised to help him but, it seems, she’s disappeared.


Beth rises to the challenge.  She looks like Sonita, so why not BE Sonita?  Parading as the rock star, Beth does a magazine interview for one million dollars, and then ransoms herself for another million.  Beth saves the children but can she save herself?  Too late, Beth discovers the terrible reason why Sonita disappeared.


A full-bodied romance that sweeps across the globe, from a civil war in the Eastern Bloc, to a luxury yacht on the Côte d'Azur, to a poor housing estate in Glasgow.






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