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Exploding head syndrome

5 easy ways for Indie writers to avoid exploding-head syndrome

Do you know that feeling of having a head so full of story, plot, doubt, fear, trepidation and total ingrained conviction that you’re writing your way into a dead end?

Tell me about it!

From page two of my current novel I’ve been thinking I’ll have to start again; now on page 102 I have the same feeling. At the end of the book I know I will be absolutely convinced that the best way for this book to see the light of day is to toss it on the barbecue.

Dickens. Now there’s a guy who didn’t have a barbecue. He used to just lounge around in his garden and let his characters romp around unfettered, unrestrained, and nonchalantly ignored while he took his evening repose at his outside desk with a bottle of Jack Daniels. His head is evidently not in melt-down, implode or explode mode.

How in control is THAT?

So, in case you find yourself surrounded by all those people you have created suddenly doubting you and blaming it all on you; if you find your head spinning when all about you seem grounded and content; here’s what to do:

  • Keep a notebook – just deal with the issues as they arise. Make notes as they come up. Accept that writing is 24/7/365. Your parallel worlds and their entire populations will go with you everywhere. Live with ‘em.

  • Keep control – don’t obsess about this universe of hyper-activity in your head. Be grateful for it. Recognise it for what it is: the creative urge. You might not have asked for it but you’ve got it.

  • Keep a perspective – if you weren’t writing what would you be doing? Well, you’d be obsessing about not writing. Embrace the horror; it’s a world of your making.

  • Keep real – make plenty of space for a life. You need one.

  • Keep on – it gets better. The more you exercise your talent, the more it builds its own muscles and its own inner strength.

If all else fails, hit the barbecue. ###

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