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I found this antique pamphlet "A Short Guide to Great Britain" published by the War and Navy Departments, Washington, D.C. This guide was issued to American servicemen during the Second World War. Read what it has to say about British women!

"British Women At War. A British woman officer or non-commissioned officer can - and often does - give orders to a man private. The men obey smartly and know it is no shame. For British women have proven themselves in this war. They have stuck to their posts near burning ammunition dumps, delivered messages afoot after their motorcyles have been blasted from under them. They have died at the gun posts and as they fell another girl has steppd directly into position and "carried on". There is not a single record in this war of any British woman in uniformed service quitting her post or failing in her duty under fire.

Now you understand why British soliders respect the women in uniform. They have won the right to the utmost respect. When you see a girl in khaki or air-force blue with a bit of ribbon on her tunic - remember she didn't get it for knitting more socks than anyone else in Ipswich."

This is my thought:

American women have never had to fight a war in their own country, but if they had to, I bet they would be as brave as the British women.

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