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Entice Readers with your Book Cover

See how the two complementary colours - green and red - work? The cat's eye is green, making it stand out against the red.


Following on from last two blog posts about e-Book Cover design, I am now going to give examples of eye-stimulating book covers and ideas for outsourcing the cover design.

A great book cover is the thing that's going to get your book noticed. Remember, as an ebook, your cover will be shown thumb-print size. Will your cover grab attention on the internet? Will it grab attention as a tiny image on a handheld device?

My advice is to hire a designer (unless you are a Photoshop expert). But you still need to guide the designer as to how you want your cover to look.

1. Get a cover from Fiverr for $5.

2. Hire a designer fom Upwork to do the cover. $20 to $50

3. Set up a competitition on 99designs to crowource your eBook cover. Prices can range from $50 to $500. Or hire a professional, experienced designer. See: AuthorSupport or Damonza.


Keeping the same font and style each time will get you recognised immediately, for example, take a look at Jojo Moyes' book covers:

"After the Fire a Still Small Voice." I think this is a beautiful book cover, but maybe too intricate as a thumb-print.

At a glance, you can tell that "Big Girl" is a light, fun read:

This is the cover I designed for my next book, which I then handed over to a top designer to finish off, giving it that professional look:

Top 10 eBook Cover Design Sites:

From the 12 December I am going to start posting a gallery of e-book covers. If you would like to have a cover added please e-mail it to me!

For premades go to Go on Write

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